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Demansol is one of the fastest growing end to end Product Development Company for Startups, SMBs and to elite businesses across the globe. It’s located in Bangalore the ‘Silicon Valley of India’.

With the changing mobile platform from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ we believe in mobile first Strategy and enterprise in mobility. Demansol is trusted name in cloud based solutions/ applications enabling clients/ organisations to add cloud computing to their technology stack.

We understand the pace at which technologies are changing. With everyday changes in framework/ OS/ Updates/ new frameworks, its becoming chaos in technology world. We help our customers to make the right decision for their product by choosing the right technology and giving them proper comparision chart of different technologies.

Our team has experienced working in finance, entertainment, utility, IOT, Advertisement, banking, Magazine, e-commerce, hospitality domains. Team has built data science solutions for leading hospitality group to promote their newly launched properties & for their marketing strategies. Our majority of customers are our repeated only.

We help drafting your ideas into specification, study competitive products, technology selection, feasibility and proof of concept. With great industry experience,   we also help our customers in planning product marketing strategy.

With over 1000 application, games, web applications and many more, we have the right combination of technology team for you.

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A budding app developer
in Silicon Valley

Demand for a smart phone application is more of a need than a want, in a gizmo and gadget addictor’s world.Today, every individual is highly dependent upon smart phone applications, which is like a window to get information, infotainment and entertainment apart from other basic and luxurious needs and queries of the society.


On a fast track growth in mobile app market

Currently mobile technologies are on the express track of growth. iOS started a revolution in the space and now this is being spread even further by Android. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the demand for new apps and games are also increasing.


Apogee Investors and Mobilona Announce Planned €1.5 Billion Hotel Investment to Build ‘Barcelona Island’

Apogee Investors has signed an agreement with Mobilona LLC to manage the financing of Europe’s tallest hotel on a man-made island off the coast of Catalonia, Spain.


App offers brands
a new route to the airport

Inflight Digital last week cinched a new deal with Penguin Random House that expands the content options available for its Inflight Reader app.


Editor’s Pick | Inflight
Reader App

If you’re anything like us, you love to load up on new magazines before a long flight—it might be the only free time you have to go offline and really enjoy a good story. But magazines are heavy and take up precious space in your carry-on.


Ed Young’s Big Plan for
Magazine Media.

“It’s not print or digital, and I can’t reinforce this enough; it’s print and digital. And MagMaker Editions is something that will allow the publishers to really enhance their print and digital offerings in a way that makes sense for the consumer.” Ed Young


The Inflight Reader App
Offers Travelers Free

While some may opt to watch movies on their smart phones or tablets, others enjoy a good read. But who really wants to lug around three or four magazines with luggage? Not to fret. Inflight Digital CEO Ed Young announced a new app, the Inflight Reader App.


How To: Read Magazines
for Free on Your
Phone/Tablet at Any Airport

ntertaining yourself at an airport—and in the air—just got a whole lot easier…and lighter. Gone are the days when you had to bring reading material to keep your mind occupied during your travels. Now, there’s Inflight Reader, an app for iOS and AndroidInflight Reader devices.